One of the new editions to the G&G Top Tech line is the TR16 CRW Canon. Closely related to its cousin, the G&G GR15 CWQ Wasp, this gun features tons of cool and unique features. Clocking in at about 340 FPS, this gun is perfect for any sort of indoor or close range engagements. The body and rails are made from a high-density metal alloy and gives the gun a very solid and rigid weight. The gun comes with an oversized 223mm long mock suppressor that has plenty of room to house a longer aftermarket barrel. The battery is located in the rear of the gun inside of the tube stock, which can house up to a 9.6v 1600 mAh brick type battery.


  • Velocity: 330 – 340 FPS w/ .20g BB’s

  • Magazine Information: Stock Magazine: 450 Rounds – M4/M16 style Magazines

  • Power Information: AEG – Small Type Mini/Brick or Crane Style Battery

  • Material: Full Metal Body and Rails

  • Firing Modes: Semi/Full Auto

  • Package Includes: Gun, 1 Magazine, Manual

  • Overall Length: 698.5 mm

  • Weight: 2404.4g

  • Gearbox type: Version 2 GR15 Blowback 8mm Bearing

  • Pneumatic Blowback System

  • Gearbox decompressor

  • Massive 222.25mm x 44.5mm Suppressor

  • Rail System

  • Battery Stock

  • Removable front and rear iron sights


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