Commandos is Michigan’s premier airsoft gun store. Check out our inventory – we have it all! Airsoft guns, accessories, tactical gear and more!



Commandos is Michigan’s premier airsoft gun store. Check out our inventory – we have it all! We carry airsoft guns, blank guns, airsoft parts and accessories, gear, masks and much much more. You name it, we got it. And if we don’t, we will order it for you!

Types of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns come in three types, gas powered, spring and electric. However, within each type there are different kinds, each with its own unique style and advantages.

Gas Airsoft

Briefly, gas powered airsoft guns use compressed carbon dioxide to fire the BB and, whilst perfect for target practice, is not really suitable for airsoft games.

Electric Airsoft

Electric airsoft guns are the most commonly available type, popular due to their power and high rate of fire. These are all the rage with either beginners or skilled airsoft players. We have a range of airsoft guns to choose from, including spring guns and rifles, gas and electric airsoft guns. Although airsoft guns are replicas, they are designed to look very realistic and can fire small plastic pellets of 6mm and 8mm up to a range of 25 to 100m at speeds of about 75 – 150 meters per second.

Spring Airsoft

Spring operated airsoft guns work on mechanical power; each time you want to shoot you have to cock the airsoft gun by pulling back the bolt just as you would an actual shotgun or bolt action rifle. Their design is fairly simple and so they are easy on the pocket and recommended for entry-level players.

Airsoft Competition

If you are new to the sport there’s no need to spend a fortune on a gun, we have many low priced good quality guns in our store, just take a look. There are plenty of clubs and teams that organize war-games and skirmishing where all the excitement you want can be found.


A game played between 2 teams that involve skill, speed, strategy and tactics, it is an exhilarating way to enjoy and learn how to use a gun in a safe and secure situation. As long as games are properly organized they can provide all the kicks you want and a real adrenalin rush. Once you’ve experienced it you’ll never look back.

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